North Star’s Top 10 Road Trip Games

Now don’t get me wrong I-Spy is a classic but here’s a few more games to help those sometimes tedious hours in the car fly by.

Road Trip Bingo

With a flat surface to work on, each player gets a bingo card. You will need 16 coins or tokens for each player. When a player spots an item on their card they cover the corresponding square with a coin or token. The first person to spot all items in a straight line wins.

20 Questions

Take turns to think of a person, place or thing. The other players try to guess who or what it is by asking questions that can only be answered by yes or no.

Number Plate Game

Take turns to make up a funny or clever phrase using the letters from the passing number plates. For example 123 SRM – Sausages Read Minds.

The Alphabet Memory Game

Take turns going through the alphabet to list all the things you might take on your holiday. The first person starts with A and so on. Each player has to remember what was said before them and continue with the next letter in the alphabet. For example, “To go on our holiday we packed an Apple” “To go on our holiday we packed an Apple and a Beach towel”…

Colour Cars

Each person chooses a car colour and gets one point for every car of their chosen colour spotted on the road. The first person to reach 25 points wins!

Story Telling

Going in circles, each player takes a turn in telling part of a story with the next player picking up where the previous player left off. See who can be the most creative.

Name that Tune

Take turns to hum or whistle a tune for the other players to guess. Whoever guesses correctly goes next.

Hey Sheep Hey Cow

If you are travelling through the country take turns yelling “Hey Sheep” or “Hey Cow” to a paddock of sheep or cows. Count how many heads pop up, whoever scores the most points wins!

Animal Poker

Come up with a list of animals and allocate each animal a number of points. Allocate higher points to the animals you are less likely to see. Whoever spots the animal first gets the points. The first person to reach 100 points wins!

For example:

Sheep 5 Dog 10
Flock of Sheep 10 Rabbit 15
Cow 5 Cat 15
Herd of Catttle 10 Black Cat 20
Horse 5 Kangaroo 20
White Horse 20 Emu 25

Quiet as a Mouse

For when you’re fed up with the noise and need a little peace and quiet, see who can be silent for the longest. If you come up with a prize for the winner, they might just for for it.




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