Terry’s Top Tips – insider local knowledge; Something for the Surfers!

Terry, a firm North Star favourite, shares his ‘not so secret’ Surfing spots, all on the Tweed Coast…

Shhhh – Don’t tell everybody!

Now, I don’t know the first thing about surfing personally, although when I see all the ear-to-ear smiles and friends exclaim that the surf is ‘pumping’, you know it must be pretty good! Lucky for us, we have Terry at hand with all the insider local knowledge you could possibly need. When he’s not in the great blue, you can find Terry and his welcoming smile on the North Star reception desk. So go on, next time you’re staying with us, pick Terry’s brains for the latest in surfing. Given that we’ve been home to both the ‘Tweed Coast Pro’ & the ‘Australian Surf Festival’ for years in a row, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!



Description: A cruisy, often slow wave, however in the right conditions it can light up. The headland offers good protection from prevailing southerly winds. Can get very crowded due to its ease of access and user-friendly nature.

Best conditions: East, South East or South swells between  1 – 6 feet, is surfable above 6 feet but is very hard work due to the prevailing sweep running to the north.

Good For: Longboarders, families, learners.


“Hastings Point”

Description: There are 3 separate breaks, The Point, The Back Beach and the North Side/Creek Mouth. Look for beach break peaks on the north side, while the creek mouth is quite sheltered, making it ideal for learners and families. The back beach on the south side often has fun beach breaks and offers slight protection from northerly winds, whilst outside can hold the biggest rideable waves in the area when the swell is up (strictly for experts and crazy people only). The Point itself can get very good during the winter months as it loves southerly swells, provided there is enough sand covering the rocks, due to the rocks this is a break best left to experienced surfers.

Best Conditions: The Point and North Side – East, South East or South swells from 3 – 6 feet, West to South West winds. Back Beach – any swell direction and size, it will literally break from 1ft up to as big as you could possibly want to surf it. Likes any wind with the west in it, however, will offer some protection from Northerly winds as long as they aren’t too strong.

Good For: Anyone from learners to experts and everyone in between. But know your limits when the swell is up, there can be a lot of water moving around on a big day.


“Beach breaks”

Description: North from Cabarita and South from Hastings Point are stretches of long sandy beaches that can have excellent waves when the sandbanks are good. Seek and ye shall find……. But don’t look too hard because this is where I surf mostly.

Best Conditions: Any wind with the west in it, swell from any direction, it really just depends on how/where the sandbanks are.

Good For: Everyone!


At the very worst, even if the ocean is as flat as a pancake, our unspoilt coastline is always amazing! Our beaches offer entertainment and relaxation for the whole family. So grab your board/bucket & spade/sunscreen/hat, pack that beach bag (or trolley, if the whole family is in tow!) and enjoy everything the Tweed Coast has to offer.

See you at the North Star,  Terry

Fishing at Hastings Point