Terry’s Top Tips – insider local knowledge; Fishing spots you can’t afford to miss!

Terry, one of the North Star’s own, shares his favourite fishing spots, all within easy reach of the North Star.

WARNING – Fishing can be seriously addictive!

Grab everything – your crab pots, rods, reels, bait and tackle, and head out on a watery adventure in our little slice of paradise. Even if you’ve never tried fishing before, why not give it a go – you might find your next new hobby! Sorting your NSW fishing licence prior to taking the plunge is easy. These can be purchased on-site at the BP service station right next door to our Resort.


“Maggie’s Hole”

Description: A gutter or series of gutters out in front of the North Star, depending on the sand formation.

What you’ll catch: Bream, Dart, Tailor during their migration season

Best bait: Beach worms, Prawns, Pippies, Pilchards for Tailor.


“The Bridge”

Description: A short walk from the North Star, it is a perfect spot for kids and beginners to learn to fish.

What you’ll catch: Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Luderick in the winter months.

Best Bait: Prawns, Pilchards, Mullet Gut, fish fillets, yabbies, green weed for Luderick.


“Tweed River Culverts”

Description: a series of creeks and drains that run out of the cane fields and mangroves along the Tweed River, they offer good fishing around high tide, particularly once the tide starts running out, flushing bait and food into the main river. Can be fished from shore or from a boat by casting into the headwaters of the culverts.

What you’ll catch: Flathead, Bream, Mangrove Jack, Luderick along rock walls, Whiting. Mud Crabs if you’ve got crab pots.

Best Bait: Prawns, Yabbies, Pilchards, Live bait, Lures, green weed for Luderick. Old fish heads for crab pots.


Enjoy, and let us know if you can find any spots to add to our list!


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