North Stars’ Top 10 Board Games


 Get back to basics with bucket loads of new and old board games that you may not have played before. Be strategic to beat your opponent, work together to beat the boss or roll around laughing with wacky and ridiculous family FUN! Which one will be your favourite?

 Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Families

Board GamesNeed some totally wacky and ridiculous family fun right now? Well this game is for you! This family friendly card game inspired by Cards Against Humanity will give everyone a good giggle. Choose the most outrageous card in your hand to fill in the blank on the question card.


Unstable Unicorns Card Game

Board Game

This game of strategy will have you all racing to be the first to collect all seven unicorns. Be careful as your well thought out plan can be foiled at any time by another players attack card. Attack back to fully execute your plan to victory!


Cranium 3-in-1 Game Board

Board Games

Think Charades, Pictionary, Taboo and now put them all together with a bit of putty to sculpt out the answer and you’ve got Cranium! Find out where your talents lie in this awesome family challenge.



Board GameWho doesn’t love an old school game made from wood and marbles to test your strategy skills? Who will be the one to beat in your family? Set the challenge but be careful not to lose your marbles in the process.


Kids Against Maturity

Board GamesAnother Cards Against Humanity inspired card game. Like a good kids’ movie this game is full of child-appropriate humour and a good dash of innuendo to keep the parents giggling along the way.


Melissa and Doug Suspend Family Game

Board GamesThis game is like Pick Up Sticks version 2.0. Loads of hand-eye coordination and patience required as you take turns to build using the 24 game rods. Like Jenga, one wrong move and it could all come tumbling down!



Board GamesAnother exciting game of strategy for anyone who love a challenge. Use your cards to create rows, columns or diagonals of 5 connected checkers on the board. Family fun with a healthy dose of rivalry.


5-Minute Dungeon

Board GamesWork as a team to defeat one dungeon at a time. Everybody races against the clock to beat the cards and ultimately the dungeon boss. Each player has their own special power to battle the cards. So much fun and a nice change to be working as a team rather than against each other. Download the timer app for even more fun!


5 Second Rule

Board GamesYou would think naming 3 breeds of dogs would be easy but when you’ve only got 5 seconds, the timer is counting down and everyone is staring at you, your mind goes blank! Fast paced and heaps of fun for the family.



Board GamesIt’s a bit like Sims meets Hay Day meets Monopoly, board game style. Build roads and settlements that will become cities. Barter trade for your building projects as you proceed strategically to outsmart your opponents.

Hastings PointThe great aussie road trip