In 1971, the late Neville Wintour developed a small section of a 24-acre swamp property to provide cheap camping for fisherman visiting the area. He called it North Star Caravan Park, with 40 sites and built a modest amenity block, swimming pool, and a small workshop.

Around late 1973, the park was sold to The Welcome Friendly Society which was the Church of Christ Superfund, who intended to establish some 650 sites, supermarket, restaurant and service  station on the site. These were the boom times for the caravanning industry, with around 70,000 new caravans built in Australia between 1973 and 1975. Some eight acres were filled and the park was extended to to 98 campground sites.

With a major recession and skyrocketing fuel prices, which increased from 20c per gallon to 20c per litre, in the mid ‘70s brought the caravan industry to its knees. The plans for major redevelopment of the site were shelved.

In 1976, the park was sold to a partnership of Charlie and Barbara Ferdinand and Dick and Nola Hooker. They had entered the industry in a tough time, and caravan parks nationally struggled to be profitable. In 1978, it was again placed on the market this was the third time.

Sales of parks were slow during the late ‘70s and the North Star failed to attract a buyer. It was not until December 1980 that the current owners, Ian and Diana Beadel, inspected the park and immediately saw its unlimited potential, purchasing the property and renaming it North Star Holiday Resort.

Over the years, Ian and Diana have completely transformed the property, with 329 sites now spread across its 24 acres and an unrivalled array of amenities for all ages. From its humble beginnings as swampland, In 1995 North Star became the first 5-star rated holiday park in New South Wales.

The whole team are immensely proud of their family owned and operated Holiday Resort. This dedication to providing an exceptionally high standard of facilities combined with the unwavering professionalism of their team, have helped them accumulate a lengthy list of coveted business and tourism awards, including the Australian Tourism Award for Excellence in both the Budget Accommodation and also Holiday Parks and Resorts.

The success of North Star has been underpinned by  Ian and Diana’s unwavering commitment to continually upgrade and enhance the resort’s facilities and amenities, and add fresh, new and exciting attractions for their guests, young and old.

We acknowledge Gudginburra and Minyungbal people of Bundjalung
We recognise their custodianship and continuing connection to land, waters and culture in this place

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