The Great Aussie Road Trip

The Great Aussie Camping Trip

Ready to shake off the stress and spread your wings, just a little? Well, nothing beats a local getaway, whether it’s a quick few days or an extended holiday. Getting back to basics with a great Aussie camping trip will be an awesome adventure for the whole family.Why not reimagine the things you love most in life at North Star.

With international travel on hold for the foreseeable future, don’t postpone making 2020 memories with your family. Follow the sun and find the fun! Your adventure begins at North Star.

If you’ve never been the outdoorsy type and this is the first time you’ve dipped your toe in the water, it doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. That’s the whole idea. Keep it simple.

Ask a friend or family member if you can borrow their tent and maybe a few bits and pieces to make your campsite comfortable. Try before you buy. After your first camping trip, we’re pretty sure you’ll be heading to the nearest camping outlet to set up your own camping playground ready for your next adventure.

Bonding Time

Great things happen when a family works together to set up their campsite. Pitching the tent, setting up the camp kitchen, planning what meals you can prepare and how; it’s a learning curve and shared experience and one that teaches life-long skills.

Unplug and get connected with family

Spending time around the campsite means the kids, and parents too can ditch the mobile phones and iPads that control their lives. Go for walks along the beach, take a dip in the ocean, prepare some meals together and give Facebook a holiday too.

You’ll be amazed at how much there is to talk about as a family once the phones are switched off. Better still, make a pact before your camping trip to leave them at home.

Make new friends

A family-friendly park with lots of activities for the kids should be high on your list of priorities when choosing your first-time camping destination. Somewhere the kids can relax and socialise in a safe environment, and importantly, make new friends.

Get Active

Just like the first day at school, they’ll soon buddy-up with other camping kids and create their own adventurous activities. They’ll run, play and do the things kids are meant to do, perhaps like you did yourself as a child. Maybe you can give them some tips.

Experience Nature

Now that we can FINALLY get out and enjoy it, camping is all about connecting with nature – the sights, the sounds, the peace. The amazement of finding a perfect tiny shell on the beach; the magic of seeing an eagle soaring high in the sky; the joy of rolling on the cool grass at dusk.

A change is in the air

Today, the time kids spend outdoors is alarmingly low. Kids today spend just half the time outdoors than children 20 years ago. So, make it your mission. This will be the year your kids spend more time to be kids, the way it used to be.

There’s no better way to turn the tide than a camping or caravanning holiday. There are lots of great places to see on our doorstep and you will also be helping to give own economy a boost.

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