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Money Back Guarantee:

We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with your accommodation. If however, the accommodation does not meet your expectations and you decide to leave, we are happy to offer you a full refund of all monies paid within one hour of check in.

Best price Guarantee:

If you find a lower price, for the same room category/ site, at North Star Holiday Resort, within 24 hours of booking, we will honor the lower price, and provide you with an additional 10% discount. North Star provides our customers with the confidence that if you book directly with us on or call us on 1800 645 790, you will not find a cheaper price on our accommodation or sites with any 3rd party booking channel.

Applicable rates must be accessible to the general public, within 24 hours of booking, based on the same currency,  length of stay, and room type category/ site. North Star does not take any responsibility regarding any expenses that may arise when cancelling a reservation, on any site other than North Star reserves the right to terminate/modify this policy at any time, without notice.

Family Accommodation on the pristine Tweed Coast at Hastings PointSmiling faces at best Water Park in Australia


We look forward to safely welcoming you to North Star. We’ve taken a number of steps to ensure your family has a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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