Bonding over a BBQ – Top tips for the best BBQ-ing experience!

BBQ-ing on holiday, at the beach, or at the local park can be AMAZING! Here we share our top tips to get the very best from your experience…

You might think it’s ‘just’ cooking a few quick kebabs, some beaut burgers or some tasty snags for the family, but we’ve been in the business of BBQs on holiday now for a pretty long time, and we can tell you that the experience is something of an institution; The very best of friendships have been forged over the hotplate and this is something that makes us smile!

We could write an entire manual on the do’s and don’ts of the great Aussie BBQ, but in an effort to not keep you away from the grill any longer than we possibly have to, we’ve condensed it down to a few of our favourites. Stay tuned BBQ lovers…….


1. “Cover your plate”

We’ve all been there… a gorgeous sunny day, leisurely BBQ tong in hand, sausages cooked to perfection and the family waiting to dive in. Then it hits you… you need to clean that hotplate… and so, those sausages you lovingly tended for the last 15-20 minutes are being devoured at a rate of knots. Fear not, we have a simple solution… a simple sheet of baking paper first up on the hotplate, even before a drop of oil gives you a satisfying ‘sssssss’, will see your cleaning time cut in half. Happy days! If you’re feeling particularly up market you could even buy one of those fancy non-stick barbecue mats – you know those black roll-out numbers straight out of an infomercial.  Let’s face it, cleaning sucks – even on holidays. You’re welcome.


2. “Wait in line”

Yes, you’re focused on the task in hand, but whilst you’re day-dreaming about that medium-rare rib eye, there could be a queue of gigantic proportions beginning to form behind you. And a large queue makes not for happy campers. ETA’s are not just for check in times or flight arrivals, it can also be applied in this scenario. Let your fellow BBQ-ers know how long that steak is likely to take and feel the atmosphere lift like a freshly baked bread roll. Consideration wins respect, and respect RULES! This leads us onto point number 3.


3. “Room to let (for free of course)”

Don’t be a hotplate hog. Nobody likes those types. Do you have room to spare next to that two-sausage combo? Then why not offer the rest of your grill up to the next man (or woman) in line. You never know, you might end up with a bonus snag or some free onions! Yeeehaaa!


4. “Share the love”

If you have spent years busily researching recipes, nurturing your inner Nigella, and getting about like the chef version of the encyclopedia Britannica, but seem to be missing that certain connection, then we have the solution for you!  Strike up a conversation and share some of that knowledge with the BBQ-er on the plate next door. They might welcome help with that awkward, sticky marinade, or get some ideas for the next family soiree. Just a simple tip can stick with a person for a lifetime. To push it a teeny bit further, you might make a pal for life! (Cue ‘Happy Face’ emoji)


5. “What’s a sausage sizzle without sauce”

Whilst we’re on the subject of sharing, if the family next door have left their sauce at home, why not offer them some of yours? It’s a sure fire ice-breaker! Everybody loves someone who share their condiments, and you get to have a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you didn’t subject someone to a dry offering.


6. “Cleaning solutions for the Eco-conscious” 

A mixture of water, vinegar & lemon juice poured on the BBQ directly after use helps ‘boil off’ marinades, fat and oil. ‘Why didn’t someone tell me that years ago’ you cry! Of course if you read Tip 1, we might not even need to go there…


7. “Leave it how you wish it to be left” 

A clean camp kitchen/BBQ/cook top/fridge shelf is a happy camp kitchen/BBQ/…you get the picture! So wipe that bench down and watch your fellow chefs gleam with pride. 


8. “Don’t leave the rubbish for the birds” 

In your haste to retreat back to the pool or ocean, don’t forget that sneaky Ibis lurking behind the bushes, that you know will have a field day the second your back is turned. Take your rubbish with you and clear everything away. No one, not a single soul I know, enjoys cleaning up someone else’s mess. See also Tip 7.



So, even if your BBQ end game is a little rubbery and undesirable, at least you know it’s been the best experience you can hope for…. A nice gleaming BBQ in a fraction of the time, no angry queue mob, and maybe meeting a new buddy or two along the way. Which gets me thinking … perhaps we should write another post on how to master the actual art of BBQ cooking, and see if we can’t get you to share some ultra top secret family-favourite BBQ recipes; Then you can have the whole delightful package in one tidy swoop.

Happy barbecuing you model citizens, you!

We acknowledge Gudginburra and Minyungbal people of Bundjalung
We recognise their custodianship and continuing connection to land, waters and culture in this place

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