Backyard Camping this Easter


Just because you can’t travel this year doesn’t mean you have to forgo your annual Easter camping. If you have space, why not camp out in the backyard?! Take this opportunity to just stop and be together as it’s the perfect time to strengthen those precious family bonds. If there’s any silver lining to our current situation it is time. Time to be together, time to reconnect, time to make memories. Here are some tips to make it feel authentic:

Plan to Stay Outside

It may be tempting to pull the pin and retreat to the warmth and comfort inside so make a pact that you’ll see it through, even if it’s just for one night.

  • Set yourself up with everything you will need. Spending that little extra time will make it easier to stick to the pact
  • Set up the van or tent, make it cozy and comfy. Add extra blankets and pillows, bring out the favourite teddy and toys for the kids
  • Create a special and memorable atmosphere. String up some fairy lights and battery-powered lanterns. Make it magical!

Plan a Camping Menu

Sometimes the best part about camping is getting back to basics, from the slow boil of water on the camp stove for a cup of tea to washing the dishes in a bucket. Get the kids involved and make it fun!

  • Set up a little camp kitchen as you normally would with the camp stove, cookware, plates and cutlery
  • Plan the menu together, write a list and give the kids a basket to go “shopping” for the ingredients in the kitchen
  • Enjoy the process, prep and cook the meals together
  • Play a game after dinner and whoever loses must do the dishes!

Plan Games and Activities

Use this time to play your favourite games, plan fun family activities and who knows, this might actually end up being your most memorable Easter yet? Some ideas to get you started:

  • Get out the cards and board games. Here’s a list of our top 10 favourites.
  • Get crafty and make some Easter bonnets for an Easter Sunday parade and send in your pics. We’d love to see them!
  • Set up an epic backyard Easter egg hunt
  • On a clear night get out a picnic blanket and some comfy pillows, get cozy together and just gaze at the stars. Use apps to find constellations or better yet find shapes and make up your own.

We can’t do much to change the current situation, but there’s plenty we can do to make the most of the family time and most importantly the way the kids will remember this Easter.

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